Will you be a Winner....or a Statistic?

Patrick Janes, GM
Staunton Auto Group
Nissan, Subaru, Hyundai

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In this economic environment, ask yourself:

    1) Am I going to fold my tent and call it quits?

    2) Am I going to keep doing what I've been doing and hoping for a different result?

    3) Am I going to do nothing and continue to watch nothing happen?

    4) Or am I going to start attacking my best potential source of profit; my own customer database?
Database Accelerator maximizes every revenue opportunity in Sales, F&I, Parts, Service and Accessories at the right time in the consumption cycle to reach your customers when it’s time for them to buy or schedule service. And don’t worry if it’ll get done because WE DO IT FOR YOU based on an annual advertising plan that’s reviewed monthly.

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DatabaseAdvertising.com is the internet based advertising division of Votenza Systems, the Customer Relationship Management or CRM system that specializes in Automotive CRM Sales, Service and Internet Lead Management (ILM) processes. DatabaseAdvertising.com specializes in Database Advertising and other Database Marketing initiatives with specific emphasis on delivering "Revenue Generating Coupons" along with other "Call to Action" selling messages using the "Least Expensive Method of Delivery". This method for Database Email and Database Direct Mail, through the intentional use of "Structured Advertising", delivers money-saving coupons for our dealer client’s Sales, Service, Parts and F&I operations resulting in higher levels of customer satisfaction and higher dealership profits.